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Blake rig
[ Download from this server (1.12 Mb) ] 2011-06-28, 1:33 PM
click for larger version

Rig features:
* Multiple appearance options and clothing accessories
* Stretchy IK back with advanced twist controls
* Stretchy arms and legs with bendy elbows/knees
* FK/IK switching with FK/IK Matching for arms and legs
* Space Switching for arms and legs
* Clavicle controls
* Elbow and knee pole vector controls
* Full Finger Controls
* Multiple foot pivots
* Breath control
* Ear controls
* Stretchable head and neck
* Scalable from the Super Mover
* Full Osipa style facial rig

click for larger version

click for larger version

Also, here's a simple MEL script that automatically selects all of Blake's body controllers for easy keyframing (right-click to save).

Much of this character was rigged with my free Rig-o-matic script, so if you would like to rig your own character, you know where to go.

And if you are looking for other character options, don't forget to check out Bloke, Blik, and Blok.
Category: Rigs | Added by: kailasweb
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Wes Howell:IMO, I've also done a ton of research on the gear onpiots available. I'm a serious hobbyist (Software by trade) and I need to justify plunking down money on this gear by getting decent stuff at a good price. (I'm paying for it out of my pocket, etc.) I've followed tons of the posts too from the gini to the zaza slider, etc.. I love the site.I have a few problems with the review This whole issue over sponsorship REALLY muddies the waters for me. Cinevate is banned and your favorite product (Vocas) is your new sponsor? If this is true you really need to address this. I hope not :(Let me start with Red Rock I am not sure you've been totally objective about the RedRock stuff.The scores reflect a lot of your criticisms are heavily weighted on your opinions of their screws? Even the baseplate was given a score of 1 because you don't like the screws. That really affected their overall score.As someone ready to buy a (decent) baseplate for my DSLR that will attach to a tripod and hold my camera SECURE (oh yeah and the correct height please) their stuff looks clearly superior. I previously ordered some Proaim stuff that I haven't been able to mount my 5d on. Not only did they send me the wrong order, (no riser or quick release as advertised) then tried to fix it and failed the 2nd time (still no riser or way to mount 5D) now I'm waiting for a 3rd shipment with fingers crossed.. (emails aren't as responsive as they were before I paid) I'm just gonna order the Redrock riser / baseplate etc and get it over with.Even if the Proaim eventually gets here, the plate on their regular shoulder mount kit is more or less designed to mount video cameras not DLSR's. These types of issues seem rampant on these rigs. Most of them seem to be aftethoughts or repurposed parts. I have my doubts that if I ever get the right parts that it will hold my camera solid and straight. Language barriers, geographic barriers, timezones gear that's sent with wrong parts needs to be redesigned HUH? How much is your time worth? I'm from Utah where people are known to jump over a quarter to get to a nickel or to drive 10 miles to save 50 cents but come on now. Someone has to be some emphasis on good quality engineering, design and service. I don't think RR is getting enough credit in this regard. Unless you just have tons of time on your hands and you want to save a couple hundred bucks..then you can write posts about how you had to find a translator, get 3 different shipments, then had to re-engineer it so it would work ok. I'm sure by the time you've invested that much time into it you'll probably like it no matter what, yes? No thanks. The Gini rig? You're giving the guy time to redesign it? Really? Buy from you because you can make sure we don't get screwed? He's been trying to gouge people for as much as possible on Ebay. (some pay $100 others pay $350??? for a bunch of 6 screw-in rails?) And he gets a chance to redesign it? Come on now IMO, That RedRock DSLR baseplate seems to be a great piece of gear. Look how solid that will mount a DSLR (with locking pin as well) Bolts right onto rails giving your flexibility to move it back and forth on the baseplate. I still don't know how you can skew their scores so much related to a baseplate . Yeah, you don't like the screws, so you give it a 1? The design of this baseplate as it relates to a DLSR seems better than anything else you reviewed, IMO.Redrock also has their stuff in stock, it can be configured in any endless configuration, risers, offset, etc etc For example, how hard would it be to customize any of their rigs to your liking? Look at their handle offset on the stubling. That would fix your issue of accessing the FF on the Vocas gear, for example.I can't even find any info on Vocas online. Anyway, I'm not on RR's payroll, but it's definintely at the top of my purchase list. I think their scores are too low and I am not sure you have given enough consideration to service, support and warranty.Many companies seem to be offering crap and I'd rather send my money to reputable companies that are engineering good solutions and continuing to expand and improve upon them.

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